Dr. Martin Bickl
Berufliche (Neu-)Orientierung / Coaching and Development

Training and Consulting

As an expert for organisational development and international relations I advise on the development and implementation of strategies and policies, creating room for growth, change and development of organisations and people. This work is firmly grounded in my experience of 20 years as a senior leader and higher education manager, half of it in English-speaking countries.

Organisational Development in an Intercultural Context

People grow -  so do organisations. To create a good fit the organisation and its people need to find their very own shared rhythm. My fields of expertise include business development, restructuring, HR planning and development, and process optimisation, often in an intercultural and international setting.

Consulting in Higher Education Management and International Non-Profit Marketing

For 15 years I have been shaping the international relations of leading German and British universities. This experience of strategic planning, paradiplomacy and international non-profit relations underpins my day-today work in projects and teams. Examples of previous projects include

  • Development of international strategic partnerships between industry and universities
  • Intercultural communication and negotiation
  • International student recruitment strategy for a university in the Caucasus
  • Background documentation for the "Education and Employment in Africa and the Arab World: the Role of Universities" conference (commissioned by the African Development Bank/GIZ)
  • "How to run an International Office" development and training course for vice-presidents and registrars of Egyptian universities (Cairo,  commissioned by the International DAAD Academy)
  • Several speaking engagements per year at leading conferences such as European Association for International Exchange (EAIE), Going Global (British Council) or Australian International Education Conference (AIEC)